When you want a place to scribble notable quotes and perfect lines of poetry or to sketch ideas and capture spring blooms with watercolor, you want a paper where the pen doesn’t scratch, the ink doesn’t bleed, and the brush glides effortlessly across the page.

That’s what you’ll find in a Soumkine.

Creative-minded people design our notebooks—down to the last page. Our highly skilled team prints and binds each one by hand in our Parisian atelier. More than a mere notebook, a Soumkine is extraordinary.

The Materials—After testing hundreds of papers, we’ve chosen the best Italian paper for a velvety writing experience.

The Workmanship—We make every single book by hand.

The Result—Soumkine offers more than just a planner with premium paper. A Soumkine planner is a luxury home for your thoughts, plans, or works of art.


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