your guide to freedom

The Universal Solution to Planning

Have full control over the layout of your planner & organize your days in a way that suits you…

Without feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or trapped into any particular approach!

Step 1. Warm up

With ivory, premium quality Italian paper, the Universal Planner holds ink like a champ.

Gliding a pen through the page feels has therapeutic effect. It allows you to distress and leave the hustling thoughts behind.

That's why drawing the lines yourself is essential to successful planning.

Step 2. Choose the Layout that Suits You Best

The Universal Planner is a great tool to draw perfect layouts with precise lines and boxes.

Unlike the dotted paper, the simple grid overlay allows you to easily start building daily, weekly, or monthly layouts as you go.

The Horizontal Layout

Sumkin's classics. Write down your thoughts as you plan. You might already have one from our 2020 or 2021 collections. Let’s continue this beautiful tradition, shall we?

The Mosaic Layout

Ahieve better results by jotting down the tasks and putting that precious « done » tick on the side.

Step 3. Explore all Universal Features

The Universal Planner is compatible with big and small handwriting. It features 3.88 mm grids, the perfect size tested and verified over the years of research.

The Universal layout is perfect for those who love details and use fine fountain pen nib. For larger handwriting, two rows can easily frame your text in a beautiful and neat way.

Enough Room to Jot Everything Down

Our Universal Planner features a clean design with enough space to keep your to-do lists, take important notes, and provide enough room to get clarity on your schedule and plans for each day, week and month.

Smart Grids for Universal Tasks

Each of our 160 numbered pages feature a 3.88 mm grid layout that offers maximum flexibility. It allows you to write in a portrait or landscape manner for a layout reference.

Fine grids are great guides and help to draw, make charts, lists. In short, it provides immense freedom and creativity.

Extra Column for your Creative Clutter

The Universal Planner features 9 rows and 8 columns representing seven days of the week, plus an extra column for your to-do list, notes or specifically for your creative clutter (doodles, etc.)

comparison table

Why You Want The Universal Planner

Universal Planner

Other Notebooks

Numbered Pages
Page Quantity 160 96-120
Table of Contents
Red bookmark
Elastic closure
Excellent for Fountain pen
Accordion back pocket
Warm ivory color

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