You, Me and NFT.

You, Me and NFT.

Dear friends,

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to make something special for you. Choosing between a calendar, a postcard, a gift card, we realised that wasn’t the thing. We were looking for something truly unique that we’d enjoy receiving ourselves.

That’s how we came up with gifting NFT items by Soumkine, bet this will be the word of the coming year. Yes, we’re gifting unique NFT items to everyone who already owns a Soumkine book, which is also a perfect chance diversify your investment portfolio. Are you in?


Here’re the details:

On December 31st, 2021 (8pm CET – Paris, 11am PDT – San-Francisco, 2pm EDT – New York), we’ll have the very first NFT (non-fungible token) drop of Soumkine's digital items using the platform.


Why we’re doing this

We love handwriting tradition and paper culture, and we want to keep it alive. So, we decided to bring our journals to the NFT realities, blurring the line between the physical and the digital worlds. By doing this, we’ll become the world-first stationery brand to join the Metaverse.


Why do you need an NFT item

Something similar happened to the dot-com, then Apple and Facebook shares, to be joined by Bitcoin. Only there was no room for creative initiatives, such as Soumkine. By joining the NFT market, we see a real chance to establish our presence as Metaverse pioneers.


What’s there for you

Since 2016, you’ve been supporting our initiative, sharing our values and embracing our vision. We’re forever grateful to you for being part of our success and want to give you something in return. We’ll distribute the first 150 NFT items for free to those who already have a physical Soumkine book. 

All you need is a crypto-wallet and desire to take part in our first NFT drop on December 31st. So, we invite you to become our NFT art collector. 



Is it really free? How does it work?

The NFT item will have an initial value similar to the physical notebook or planner we sell at but in cryptocurrency. For example, if you bought ten 100% cotton sketchbooks for 480 EUR in total, we will transfer an NFT item with a total value of 0.14ETH (Ethereum).

NB. There is a small transaction fee, about 30 EUR (or 0.01ETH), similar to international shipping of physical products.


How difficult is it? I'm not into NFT yet

Simpler than you think it is.

Step 1 – Set up Your Crypto Wallet. We recommend MetaMask wallet on Ethereum blockchain.

Step 2 – Set up Your Opensea Account. 

Step 3 – Take part in our first NFT drop on Fri, Dec 31st (8pm CET – Paris, 11am PDT – San-Francisco, 2pm EDT – New York).

Step 4 – Enjoy your first NFT item by Soumkine.


first NFT items by Soumkine

 What NFT and Soumkine have in common

NFT stands for the non-fungible tokens. They have unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Soumkine since 2019,  making notebooks with a personal number, which highlights the uniqueness of each product. As you know, we were never about the mass market after all.


notebooks with a personal number

What we’re kindly asking in return

Please share this with your friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as a perfect occasion to show you being up-to-date with the trend. The more people join the drop, the more valuable all the tokens will become.

The success of the drop depends on us, on you, on everyone who’s reading this right now. We’re forever grateful to you for your support in the real world. We now need to create a community of paper-lovers in the Metaverse.


Risks and guarantees

Everything depends on you as our community and us as a trailblazer in this foggy thing. Just as we mentioned, the more collectors join, the more value we'll be able to create.

A note on safety

We encourage you to only use well-known platforms like for storing your NFT items. Keep your passwords in a Soumkine book and never send them to anyone over the net. In case the NFT thing seems too scary for you, just skip this letter and keep using the traditional journals. 

Thank you for staying with us and take care,
Your Soumkine Team


💎 Join the Drop 💎



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