Year 2021 Recap.

Year 2021 Recap.

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Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

We’re writing this letter taking a flight. For the first time in two years. It feels liberating and somewhat weird, bringing hope for a brighter future.

In this letter we’ll make a recap of what happened to Soumkine in 2021, a challenging but transformative year.

1. Creating an ecosystem

Since 2017 we’ve been figuring out how to organise all the products that we produce and arrange them in a tidy and neat way. We tested all sorts of binding and protective solutions to end up with something as simple as an avocado toast – a combination of lightweight staple-bound journals with premium quality leather covers. Everything to be made in France in our atelier, keeping the tradition of savoir-faire and artisanship. This means that you can now mix&match planners, journals and sketchbooks and put them in a fancy leather jacket.


2. Canvas, silk and note for investors

Once we felt good with the ‘Acrobat’ covers and brought the discontinued collections back, we realised that using paper is not enough to express our vision. So, we plan to introduce two new mediums in the coming year: canvas with fine art paintings and silk scarfs with our authentic designs. We need your support to kick-start these new initiatives and invite you to become our investor. Please find the details here.



3. Joining the Metaverse

It is real. On December 31, 2021, Soumkine becomes the world’s first stationery brand to enter the NFT market by supplying notebooks in both the real world and the Metaverse. You can now use real Soumkine notebooks, planners or sketchbooks and buy their digital NFT avatars for your crypto collection. We also made a short video explaining why we’re doing this and what this transformation looks like. Watch the video.

Wishing you a bright and happy year ahead. Hope we’ll keep inspiring you and being your favourite notebook supplier in 2022, in real life as well as in virtual reality.

Happy New Year!
Fiodor & Maria

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