The Story Behind Zero-Waste Collection

The Story Behind Zero-Waste Collection

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It looks a bit like a fiction story that turned out to be reality.

The story begins in 2016 when the very first zero-waste notebook first saw the light. A notebook with zero percent wasted space and a “cover” matching exactly the interior. Or, a notebook without a cover so that you can start using it from page zero – a concept as simple and honest as anything genuine. 

That’s why we call this collection “zero waste”. It also happened to be the first notebook without a cover on the market. And we’re proud of that.

Perhaps the coolest feature is that every notebook becomes unique after you start using it, be it a bold design statement or a tiny note you make on the very first page.

The collection was first presented to the public in 2017 during the international trade show Maison&Objet in Paris. We developed a quirky slogan “Let’s get naked”, and put it on the backside of each notebook. There’re a few copies of that design left in our archives.

At a time Zero Waste was introduced in three colors: cipria, stone and bee-loved. We then changed the names to more casual rose, vanilla and brown sugar. In 2021 we reintroduced salt – the color it all began with five years earlier.

The story continues.

Discover Zero-Waste collection.

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