New Chapter in Sumkin's  history

New Chapter in Sumkin's history

Happy Friday!

On this sunny and refreshing day, we’re happy to announce the start of the transformation that our brand is about to go through in the following two months. Here’re some of the founding blocks.


On the surface. New products

This is arguably the most exciting part for you as our customers. Following the launch of our ‘Acrobat’ leather covers and their humbling success, we’re introducing two new colors: red apple and rye. Always sourced and produced in France, always the highest quality materials, fitting both softcover and hardcover notebooks. There’s more to follow, including carefully a curated selection of fountain pens and pen cases. Stay tuned.

Rye Leather Case


Same values: better explained.

From the very first days of Soumkine presence on the market (hard to believe it’s been six years already), we’ve been inspired by the idea of giving a choice, an alternative. First, to cheap low-quality products, then to the endless scroll of the feed and countless Zoom meetings. We wanted to create a safe space for you to reconnect with your inner self and have a well-deserved rest. No buzz, no notifications involved. Only you, your thoughts and your journal to help you with the process. We see it as a detox. That’s why from now on our motto is:

Your daily detox

Simple, honest, how you like it. Something we believe in and want to help others who have certain challenges with their screen time.


Red Apple Acrobat Leather cover

Updated name. Closer to the source.

This one is quite easy as well. Our founder Fiodor played around his surname back in 2016 and that’s how Soumkine was born, à la parisienne. As he explains this, it was all a bit of a game, which is not anymore. That’s why Soumkine as a brand will now hold the real Fiodor’s surname, Sumkin. Add “studio” to have some space for creative experiment. Welcome to Sumkin Studio!




What’s next.

Lots of ideas, little time. So, for the next several months we’ll be sharing weekly updates with you via our newsletter and Instagram page. This includes product guides, how-to videos, creating a fidelity program, introducing customisation and personalisation options, and much more. As we mentioned in some of the recent newsletters, this year is all about creativity and problem-solving. We’ll do our best to provide a high-quality detox for you. That’s our brand promise.

Finally, we feel like we now have solid expertise in both, brand-building and business, so we’re opening the doors to investors and accelerators. Please let us know if you think we may be a fit for some scheme. We see a long and exciting journey ahead of us and will be happy to walk it with more experienced like-minded partners.


That’s probably it for now. Thank you for staying with us on this journey and see you next week!

Enjoy your weekend,
Fiodor & Maria


brown Acrobat Leather cover

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