Monthly Digest. What happened in March

Monthly Digest. What happened in March

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Hello friends,

You will hardly believe that but it’s snowing in Paris today. Hopefully, the next monthly digest iwill bring us some sun. Here’s what happened at Soumkine in March.

Charity drops to support Ukraine

Following the tragic events in Ukraine, we decided to raise some funds to support locals who had to leave the country. So, in the beginning of March we launched the first and the second charity drops. In total, we raised and donated more than 2000€ to Polish Red Cross and Ifaw to help Ukrainian families and animals. With your help of course. Ultimately, we did a great job together.

Charity drops to support Ukraine


Big farewell sale

Another event that you met with much enthusiasm was our big farewell sale to mark the closure of the atelier. With 45% off everything, the notebooks were going off faster than freshly-baked croissants at breakfast. You later asked to extend the end of the sale until April 12th, which we willingly did. There’re still some treasures left, please take a look here.


Big farewell sale



Getting to know each other

Finally, yesterday we decided to make a round of get-to-knows on our Instagram page, which was long overdue. We want to learn more about you and will be happy to hear your story. Where you’re from, what you do in life and what you feel is lacking in your day-to-day. Maybe we can fix that. Especially given that we plan to explore new industries and expand our product offer. So please go ahead and reply to this email with your thoughts.


Fiodor and Maria Sumkin

 That’s probably it for today. We’ll keep you updated with Soumkine transformations and new exciting initiatives. Thank you for staying with us!

Enjoy the bloom,
Fiodor & Maria

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