Monthly Digest. What happened in February

Monthly Digest. What happened in February

Hello friends,

We hope you’re enjoying the first day of spring and your family & friends are safe. February turned out to be fairly turbulent not only for Soumkine but for the whole world. Here’s what happened during this past month.


Closing down the atelier

We know, not the most pleasant one, but that’s something we needed to do now to respond to the current state of things and rethink the ways we operated. Honestly, this feels more like a relief than grief. Here’s Fiodor explaining the logic behind.



Be sure to stock up

Even though the atelier will be closed for the time being, we still have some notebooks stocked up for you. Some articles are going so quick we had to put the ‘sold out’ tag in less than a week after announcing the closure. We recommend buying your favourite items in bulk while we’re looking into new ways of production for the months to come.




Charity drop of rare Soumkine notebooks to support Ukraine

Yesterday we announced a special drop of the ‘chunky’ notebooks from our personal archives. For newcomers: this was a unique collection of traditionally-bound books that were extremely popular but took 72 hours to produce, so we had to discontinue the series.



It feels better when you know that you’re making a small but honest contribution to help those who are in need. We already raised almost 1000€ to support refugees and abandoned animals in Ukraine and still have 7 charity boxes left. You’re welcome to support our initiative here.

Update: Sold out


Overall, we’re truly happy to have some time to sit and think. It feels like you can finally exhale after all these years and breathe steadily.

Wishing you much warmth and sun in March, see you soon.

Fiodor, Maria and Soumkine Team



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