Biggest Update Since 2019

Biggest Update Since 2019

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Not long ago we updated our leather covers offering and had some naming job done, going from Soumkine to Sumkin Studio. 

“A couple of new colors added and some letters in the brand name removed, is that it?” – some of you may be wondering.

Quick answer: "It was only the teaser."

Here’s why.

1. Bringing back the softcover books. 📚📖

Starting from next week, we’ll be working on the grand retour of the  “Le Bon Journal” collection in Slim and A5 sizes. We’ll be also adding the long-awaited B6 size for those who love it elegant and refined. So, you can stop your lookout for alternatives and let us take care of your journaling supplies.

 Le bon Journal




Also, will you bear with us if we settle on one color for the cover for now? Let’s say cheesecake or salt, which one would you choose? 🍰🧂

Most importantly: are you willing to pre-order your journals and get 35% off for the waiting time? With the shipping of the first batches scheduled for July 10th and the discount available until June 1st. (The pre-orders open next week.)

That’s not all. You can also pre-order planners for 2023 at a special price.


2. Planners 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣.

We’ll notify you once the planners become available. As of now: there will be two layouts (horizontal and mosaic) and three sizes (B6, Slim and A5). This combination forms what we call the acrobat system that you can mix&match with journals of the corresponding size using our leather covers. The planners will be available in cheesecake color as we’ll now focus on expanding the leather colors selection for the Acrobat covers

🥁 Now, drumroll…

Remember the solid “Deux mille vingt et un” planners? They are back. As well as their thread-sewn counterparts. 


3. Thread is back! Traditional binding, soft-cover, 280 pages, premium paper – all you ever wanted is ready to land your tables. 📔🧵

You’ve been waiting for this, weren’t you? We’re currently exploring the capacities of two family-owned printing houses in Belgium that will help us re-establish the production of your beloved “chunky books”. Not to get you overexcited, we’re currently talking about two layout designs (dotted and universal) and three sizes ( B6, Slim and A5).

The best part is… the thread-sewn books will be available in 128 and 280 pages so that you can use them either way: as an insert for the Acrobat system or a daily planner. 

Ready to pre-order? The rules are the same: we’re giving 35% off for your patience and willingness to wait. (The pre-orders open next week.)


Atelier Leather Goods Sumkin


4. Leather products. 🖋💼

In addition to bringing back the B6 size for leather covers and forming the final ecosystem (3 sizes, 4 colors, fitting both stapled and thread-sewn books), we’re adding new leather products. Always handcrafted, made locally by artisans, using fabrics from France and Italy. Regarding the new products, we’ll be expanding the leather collection with pen cases, cardholders and leather pouches. Stay tuned.


Sumkin Card Holder


5. Sumkin Gallery and fine art by Fiodor Sumkin. 🖼 🧑‍🎨

Finally, revealing the hidden gem. Before founding Sumkin Studio (ex. Soumkine), Fiodor used to work as illustrator with major brands and editorials. Although he never applied his mighty power to growing a business. With scaling a brand being a costly endeavour, Fiodor is launching Sumkin Gallery – a project featuring hyperrealistic fine art works on a large scale. These art pieces are created using coloured pencils on cotton paper and will depict certain notebook covers and layouts. The launch of the first collection and the website is scheduled for early June.

You’re encouraged to subscribe to get the latest updates regarding Sumkin Gallery here. You may also leave an inquiry for a custom artwork depicting your favourite journal in reply to this email.


Sumkin Gallery


Well, that was it for today. We hope you enjoyed the latest updates from the Studio and can’t wait to delight you with all the new(old) products.

Finally, thank you so much for all your feedback on our Universal planner! This helps us grow and make our products better, bit by bit, or by following kaizen philosophy if you will. As always, all your thoughts and comments are very welcome. 

Fiodor and Maria Sumkin 

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