2022 Year Plans. Note for Investors

2022 Year Plans. Note for Investors

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Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

It’s Fiodor here, founder at Soumkine.

You all know us as makers and creators, obsessed with great design and impeccable quality. This year we mastered paper and leather and have big plans for the future, with canvas and silk in 2022.

Canvas will serve to create fine art paintings perfect for spacious houses and art appreciators. Silk will be used to manufacture luxury scarfs with original prints (or ‘carrés en soie’ in French). We’re now exploring ways of working with artisans in Lyon, who produce silk scarfs for the top luxury brands).


The Map, details. 2006. Fiodor Sumkin.

The Map, details. 2006. Fiodor Sumkin.

We see our mission in bridging the gap between contemporary design and traditional techniques. That’s why we’ll use oil paints and canvas instead of laser-printed posters. For the same reason, we’ll go for the expensive and time-consuming silk screen printing for the scarfs.

We’re doing this to be proud of wearing ‘made-in-France’, which implies excellence without compromise. And we need your help to make this possible.


for Esquire Magazine, details. 2008. Fiodor Sumkin.

for Esquire Magazine, details. 2008. Fiodor Sumkin.


We decided to make a round of crowd investment and give a lifetime discount to those who will support our initiative. Top-tier investors will also get access to the early designs and prototypes. What's more, we'll create a special group of 20 stakeholders who will have a say in the further development of the brand.

Here’s what we prepared for our future investors:

We're releasing 91 lots with different levels of engagement. Each lot has a credit amount on the card that you can use for your purchases in the future. There’s also a lifetime personal discount specific for each lot, that you will get as a personalised code.

Finally, the top-tier lots will give you access to early prototypes, sketches and designs, with more features added for the top-3 options. 


The Dutch boy. 2007. Fiodor Sumkin.


The Dutch boy. 2007. Fiodor Sumkin.

I'm forever grateful to you for believing in us and being part of our beautiful transformation into a fashion brand, or neo-fashion if you will.

Have a wonderful holiday time and take care.

Greetings from Paris,
Fiodor, founder at Soumkine

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